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July 2015


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Digger Machine is a simple game where you should just dig, deeper and deeper… If you like Motherload, this game is for you! It is very easy to play and it’s for everyone.

Beware though, as the path to fortune is filled with traps! And when you finally make it to the bottom, the “Boss” will wait for you there!

Therefore, download now and start to extract precious minerals, the most valuable of which is – Awesomite.

What you can do in our game is digging (obsiously :), searching for minerals and crystals, selling them to the shop, and upgrade your digger machine with money earned, to make it faster, more durable, and more fuel efficient. This way you’ll find more items, and with your backpack increased, you will be able to bring more of them to the surface.


Dig into the deepest parts of the ground and collect rare minerals and crystals! Get better resources for deeper research by upgrading your digging machine. Remember to be careful and to refuel your machine if you want to reach the greatest depth. The deeper you get the better rewards and scores you will get!


  • 29 precious types of minerals (gold, diamonds, rubies, malachites…), which you can sell and improve Diggy with the earned money
  • 9 levels of improvements, which will make your Diggy even better
  • new, 4 categories of diggers
  • large underground world, which offers more traps and dangers with every dig
  • 5 actions which you can use during your journey
  • new and improved interface
  • relaxing but demanding gameplay
  • Google Game Services for sharing your stats with friends and following your progress
  • navigation for easy search of new bases
  • a lot of missions, where you can choose your reward – either diamonds or something else




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  • “Digger Machine – kop, kop, kop – 9.0/10”
    – Maciek Śledź,

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Rapid Games Studio

Game Design and Programming
Dariusz Mazur

Krzysztof Kajpust

Draco Nared

Substantial Help QA and Testing
Antonina Tkachuk