Game features

  • become the captain of 10 different ships
  • sail endlessly in order to get better treasures and upgrades to your ships.
  • travel through three locations: ‘Deep blue sea’, ‘Frozen ocean’, and ‘Tropical menace’.
  • face many different dangers and challenges during your journey.
  • compare your scores on various leaderboards!
  • online savings – you can play on different phones!


Pirate Ship – Endless Sailing is a game that gives you an opportunity to become the captain of your own Pirate Ship, and sail the seven seas pillaging everything and anyone in sight.
You start as a humble rookie pirate captain. Your first vessel is just a raft, but as you climb up on the ladder of devious deeds and stolen treasures, you gain opportunities to buy bigger and better equipped ships.


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Wizualnie jedna z najlepszych aplikacji jakie widziałem. Gameplay może nie ma w sobie “tego czegoś” ale zdecydowanie wciąga. NIe ma co, w 100% godna polecenia.

Dominik Kołacki

Fantastyczna! Jak w tytule 😉

Konrad Węgliński

 android digger machine ios digger machine
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